Hilarious And Highly Inappropriate T-Shirts Only Indians Rocked Like A Boss

Hilarious And Highly Inappropriate T-Shirts Only Indians Rocked Like A Boss

Feb 15, 2018 @ 12:22 PM By Nidhi Sharma


Fashion is crazy. It is a great way to portray your sense of style and comfort to other people. While some people go for classic boots and faux fur coats, here are a couple of Indians who rocked wearing absolutely inappropriate and hilarious t-shirts like a boss. While you might think twice, even thrice before putting these on,  these brave Indians showed utmost courage and bravery to go out without giving a damn.

Source: noonecarestoday

1) Standing next to a minister with a t-shirt like that on, this man should be awarded.


2) Oh, yes. Please arrest this sexy man.


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3) Shame on you, ladies. How could you leave this sexy bachelor alone?

4) Well, he certainly is a genius, putting Einstien to fail.

5) Meet another self-proclaimed God. According to him, he is your saviour.

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6) He is probably the saddest man in India but look at what he has to offer.

7) How can we spare skeletons when there’s a mighty thing as porn.

8) Meet the manly blonde!

9) His confidence! Wow, spot on.

10) this man doesn’t really give a shit.

11) The truth of life and perhaps even harassed by his girlfriend.

12) He seems brutal with a fire soul. Burn, people.


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