Hints To Find Out If A Girl Likes You Just As A Friend And Nothing Else!

Hints To Find Out If A Girl Likes You Just As A Friend And Nothing Else!

Feb 16, 2018 @ 10:35 AM By Nidhi Sharma


To find out whether someone likes you or not is a pretty tricky job. You may think that the hints you keep seeing are the right ones but that may not be the case. Girls and guys, both always look for an opportunity, the right moment to know that the person they like, likes them back. At times, the hope is based on right things but at other, the wrong ones. These wrong signs are what make you land up in the friend zone. Now, this article is for the guys. If you want to see that the girl likes you just as a friend and nothing else then make sure you check for all the subtle clues.

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1) She does not want to be seen with you


A girl, when in love with a guy, doesn’t hide it. And always loves letting the world know who her guy is. If this is not happening, you may have one of the biggest hints.

2) Talks to you about other girls


When a girl likes you, she won’t ever talk about other girls. But if she does, you are just a friend and nothing else.

3) Except for a hug, nothing else happens

Hugs don’t really count in physical contact, friends do that. But if the girl does not want anything more, there may be something wrong.

4) ‘You are my bro’

When this sentence comes up, nothing else should matter.

5) Asks you relationship advice

Wait, do I even need to explain this? When a woman you like seeks your help for relationship advice with other guys, you are nothing else than a helper.

6) Always casual

When two people in love, the romance between them is seen. If a girl likes you and vice versa, the same happens. But is she is always casual around you, just stop hoping!

7) The shoulder

This is worse than being friend zoned. If she only remembers you in her bad times to cry on your shoulder, run away.

8) She always calls you her ‘friend’

Well, if she keeps using the term friend almost all the time for you, you should stop looking for any more hints.

9) She shares her boyfriend problems with you

Okay, out of all the points here, guys are going to relate to this the most. And the reason is pretty much known to everyone.

10) No spark from her side

People in love always feel this spark between them. If she likes you, you will feel the spark as well. Otherwise, stop trying.

11) There is always a third wheel

This is one of the best hints a guy can get. If every time you two meet, she brings someone else along with her, she does not like you.

12) Hooking you up with others

A girl, if tries to hook you with other girls, is never interested in you.


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