Gaze at These Top Bollywood Stars Were Slapped In Public!

Gaze at These Top Bollywood Stars Were Slapped In Public!

Nov 25, 2017 @ 01:30 AM By Deepak Sharma


You must have faced some embarrassing situations in your life, so why it is not possible with celebs. They too had bad day in their life and it is common in human life. Bollywood celebs have faced a situation when he or she was slapped in public. Sometimes they have to met embarrassed situation which is captured by camera.Here we gone a tell you how and by whom they got slapped. These images of our B-Town celebs going viral on internet.Scroll down to see the list of celebs slapped in public.You gone Amazed after seeing the images.

1) Sushant Singh Rajput


Sushant Singh has recently admitted in an interview that once he got slapped by his ex girlfriend Ankita Lokhande.

2) Akshay Kumar


OMG! Akshay Kumar was also got slapped by his wife Twinkle in hotel’s lobby.

3) Aryan Vaid

Aryan Vaid was once got slapped by wife Alexander.

4) Subhash Kapoor

Jolly LLB director was once got slapped by Geeta Tyagi, for molesting her.

5) Gauhar Khan

Gauhar Khan was slapped by one of the audience in reality show.

6) Karan Singh Grover

He was once slapped by his ex wife Jennifer Winget in public.

7) Emraan Hashmi

The chocolate boy Emraan Hashmi once got slapped by his wife in public. Why not have you seen his kisses!

8) Salman Khan

Once the bhai of Sallu Bhai was slapped by a daughter of builder.


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